Own terminal in Aabenraa

Transfirst has location in Aabenraa, Denmark - close to WORLD PORT HAMBURG (Two hours trucktime).

We have our Own warehouse which is good for EU and BONDED CARGO in customs free zone.

We can offer:
- Container and truck stripping and loading.
- Dry and secure facility fitted with stapler, pallets etc.
- Daily port trucking for FCL and LCL with import and export cargo is our link for your cargo.

Transfirst is your EU warehouse for cargo from overseas.

We deliver as you need it - "Just in time" with effective European truck service - free EU cleared, or in bond. You have the choice for good service.

For example:
1/20" DC from USA 30 cbm: 5 cbm for Berlin, D, 10 cbm for Copenhagen, DK, 5 cbm for Helsinki, FIN, 5 cbm for Basel, CH, 5 for Tallinn, EST, etc.
Within 5 days all is delivered - problem!

If you want good service and reliable prices - ask us!

Lets's help You! We bring service.

Portservice in Aabenraa

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